Good Karma: Ariana Madix Was Offered To Join “Dancing With The Stars”


How to be a real woman- move on with grace and many opportunities.

The “Vanderpump Rules” star Ariana Madix is anticipated to join “Dancing With the Stars” in September when the new season premieres on ABC. “ABC is in late-stage discussions with [Madix] about joining ‘DWTS’ this fall,” a source confirmed.

According to multiple sources, Lisa Vanderpump has already received all approvals and sign-offs from NBC Universal, the parent company of Bravo, which produces her hit reality program. Fans of Madix are still observing her breakup with ex-boyfriend Tom Sandoval on Bravo’s popular show after she dumped him for cheating on her with fellow actress Raquel Leviss.

On the reality program, Madix worked as a bartender and aspired to work in comedy acting. The show’s cast recently completed an acrimonious reunion, and Madix joked that she donned a scorching revenge dress for the special and stated of her cheating ex, “I think his eyes are going to bleed.

She was also seen entering on set wearing a brightly colored sweatshirt with the bold message “Boys Lie.” Last week on his SiriusXM radio program, Bravo executive Andy Cohen teased an aggressive and confrontational reunion performance.

“If you want them confronted face-to-face about what they’ve done in what I would describe as an aggressive, confrontational manner, you will get it,” Cohen said. Tom Schwartz, Sandoval’s best friend and co-star, also informed him on “Watch Happens Live” that Sandoval is addicted to Leviss, describing her as “his heroine.

He stated, “This is the infatuation to end all infatuations.” In addition, he said that Sandoval feels profound sadness about the circumstance and urged viewers to hug him if they encounter him, while Madix appears to devote all her energy to her career.

According to another source, “Lifetime” announced that she will also appear in a new film titled “Buying Back My Daughter.” The film is currently in production, and Meagan Good will also star. Recently, Ariana Madix was spotted with her “Vanderpump Rules” co-stars celebrating at an Emo Nite party at the Avalon in Hollywood, California.

The proprietor of Viva Verano said, “I told Tom to **** off, in case you didn’t hear me.” Later, the eyewitness reported to the media outlet that Madix raised her middle finger while “The All-American Rejects” played in the background.

When the DJ heard Shay exclaim, “**** Tom again,” he encouraged the crowd to chant with her. Previously, a source told the publication that Ariana was heartbroken and that Ariana was there for Raquel during her breakup with James Kennedy.

According to the source, Madix felt betrayed by Leviss, whom she regarded as a friend. In other news, Sandoval is not dismissing rumors that he is dating Raquel Leviss after their stunning cheating scandal.

Recently, the 40-year-old was spotted escorting his co-star from “VPR” to the airport. The bar proprietor drove Leviss’ to the airport after assisting her with her luggage.

Later, Sandoval returned to his \$2 million Valley Village home in Los Angeles, which he shares with his ex-girlfriend Ariana Madix. Previously, Raquel was observed departing Sandoval’s residence while Madix was away on business.

However, the TomTom co-owner representative clarified Leviss’ visit, stating, “Raquel stopped by for less than 20 minutes because Tom had a flight and she had an interview with Evolution.”

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