Steve-O’s Net Worth, Height, Age, & Personal Info Wiki

Steve-O’s Net Worth, Height, Age, & Personal Info Wiki

TV personality Steve-O is well known for the outrageous acts he performed in Jackass. Three movies were made from the television series, and Steve-O, favored by most viewers, was named the MVP. He has tried his hand at writing, stand-up comedy, and music to varied degrees of success.

Steve-O’s Appearance (Height, Hair, Eyes & More)

Height 5 ft 10 in
1.77 m
Weight 165 pounds
75 kg
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Light Brown
Body Type Skinny
Sexual Orientation Straight

Facts About Steve-O

Nationality American
Estimate Net Worth $4 million
Religion Christian
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Birthplace London, England, United Kingdom
Birthday June 13, 1974

Steve-O’s Net Worth

American television personality, comedian, and entertainer of British descent, Steve-O’s net worth is predicted to be $4 million as of April 2023. For his stunts in the Jackass productions, Steve-O is renowned.

Steve-O gained enormous popularity after appearing in the MTV series Jackass. The show went on to become a hugely successful franchise that gave rise to a successful console video game and three Hollywood movies, the third of which had a $20 million budget and was shot using the best 3D cameras available to film a group of self-described rejects pulling practical jokes on one another.

The Jackass trilogy has made a total of $356.2 million, and Steve-O has a large part to play in that, as his exploits are by far the most gruesome and repulsive.

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Steve-O’s Early Life

Despite being American, Steve-O was born in London, England. When he was born on June 13, 1974, his parents gave him the name Stephen Gilchrist Clover. His mother was Canadian, while his father was of English and American descent. (1) They lived in England while Pepsi-Cola employed his father. When Steve-O was six months old, his family moved to Brazil because his father had been named president of Pepsi-Cola in South America.

The young Stephen Clover was exposed to other cultures and languages due to growing up in Brazil; he has said that his very first words were in Portuguese. When Stephen was a child, his family moved around a lot, and by the time he was two, he had settled in Venezuela. Later, the boy developed fluency in Spanish.

When he relocated to Miami at six, he began his first period in the country. When he was nine, the family moved back to England; thus, he would only stay there for three years. After spending three years in his hometown, he spent a year in Ontario, Canada, before making one final move back to London. This time, he had the opportunity to establish himself and spend four years in an English high school.

Steve-O’s Education

Steve-O pursued his education at the University of Miami after high school. He chose to attend clown school instead of finishing his degree after dropping out due to poor marks.

Steve-O’s Wife and Family Life

The outlandish acts that Steve-O, real name Stephen Gilchrist Glover, performed on the MTV series “Jackass” made him famous. Additionally, he has made multiple film appearances, most notably in the “Jackass” flicks. Currently, Steve-O and Brittany McGraw are wed. (2)

2008 saw the couple’s first encounter, and they were later hitched in 2016. Ruby, a daughter, is the only child that the couple has together. In addition, Steve-O has two kids from past relationships: a daughter named Lily and a boy named Jack.

Brittany McGraw and Steve-O are very content with one another. They frequently travel and go to different activities. According to Steve-O, he is happy to have found someone who supports and understands his strange way of life.

Steve-O’s Career

Steve-O would frequently send videos of his tricks to the skating publication Big Brother. Unbeknownst to Steve-O, Jeff Tremaine, who would eventually direct Jackass, received these videos. Tremaine added Steve-O to the Jackass crew after recognizing his potential. The first three seasons of the original MTV program began airing in 2000. The program was a huge hit, and Steve-O quickly won over the audience. (3)

Steve-O started considering a solo career in 2001. “Don’t Try This At Home,” his debut solo DVD, was released this year. In the Wildboyz episode of the Jackass spinoff, he was paired with Chris Pontius. In this new show, Steve-O and Pontius traveled the globe, engaged with numerous wild animals, and learned about diverse civilizations. The program was a resounding success.

Additionally, Steve-O participated in the show “Dr. Steve-O,” which matched Steve-O with other guests. The purpose of the show was to toughen up the audience members and reduce their fear of trying new things. He also made an effort to make his guests feel hip.

In 2010, Steve-O transitioned to stand-up comedy. He performed on stages in significant Australian cities and tours around the United States. He released his debut comedy special in 2016.

Steve-O uploads recordings of his many tricks and pranks to his YouTube channel. His channel had more than 5 million subscribers in 2020. Steve-O put out a few rap albums that had some popularity. “Professional Idiot: A Memoir,” his autobiography, was additionally published. The book details his rise to stardom, including becoming a fervent vegan and animal rights advocate.

Steve-O’s Controversies

The use of drugs and alcohol had been a significant part of Steve-O’s rise to stardom. His substance misuse started to have an impact, especially on his mental state. Moreover, Steve-O had a penchant for breaking the law. Steve-O had already been detained in 2002 on suspicion of assault and obscenity. Steve-O served time in prison in Sweden for smuggling drugs across the border while he toured Europe with Bam Margera. Later, more people were arrested.

Steve-O increased his drug use in 2006 after receiving a false diagnosis of a rare cardiac disease. Due to his regular intoxication and belligerence, Steve-O was repeatedly removed from live broadcasts and television. When Steve-O intimated that he was considering suicide in an email to his buddies, this downward spiral reached deadly heights.

Due to his suicidal tendencies, Steve-O was detained at a hospital for 14 days in 2008. He entered a guilty plea to felony cocaine possession that same year. By taking part in a rehabilitation program, he avoided going to jail. He had been sober for over three months when he relapsed and entered a psychiatric hospital. Later, Steve-O acknowledged that his drug use had seriously harmed his mental health.

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Steve-O’s Humanitarian Works

Steve-O reportedly switched to veganism in 2010 for ethical and healthful reasons. After the ram stunt in Jackass 3D, he has expressed concern about performing future actions that “mess with animals.” He claimed that “being vegan, I can tell you, has benefited every single area of my life.”

A Memoir, Steve-O’s autobiography that he co-wrote with David Peisner, was published in June 2011. He claimed to be one of the many famous people who joined the NOH8 movement and that he strictly adheres to a vegan diet. In 2013, due to his concern for animal rights, he claimed he ate a vegan diet and did not wear fur or leather. In July, he was presented with PETA’s Nanci Alexander Award for his “voice against cruelty.”

Steve-O declared in December 2018 that he was no longer a vegan because he eats fish and is now a pescatarian. Steve-O criticized “militant” vegans in 2019 and claimed they cause more harm than good.

Steve-O’s Real Estate and Other Properties

The Jackass actor Steve resides in an opulent home in Los Angeles. For roughly \$1,150,000, he bought this house in Hollywood Hills off Beachwood Canyon. Outstanding characteristics of the property include a two-car garage, an overlapping roofline, and a high fence security entry gate.

In his garage, Steve-O has various vehicles. Over the years, he has had a lot of different cars. His Nissan Versa is among Steve-O’s favorites of vehicles. His daily driver is a 2009 model. The car’s starting price is $15,080 as well. Similarly, he bought his first car, a 1990 Mercury Grand Marquis.


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