Malliotakis calls for Biden to Stop Playing 'Mother May I' with the Taliban

Malliotakis calls for Biden to Stop Playing ‘Mother May I’ with the Taliban


Malliotakis calls for Biden to Stop Playing ‘Mother May I’ with the Taliban

U.S. representative Malliotakis raises concerns over Biden’s poor evacuation handling as the withdrawal deadline approaches on August 31.

During an interview with Fox News, Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis talked about how eager Congress is to get its citizens out of Afghanistan. “Right now, the members of Congress are very focused on helping every American be repatriated and return safely,” says Malliotakis.

Fortunately, as the number of Americans rescued increases, there seems to be no doubt that the situation will stabilize soon. However, Malliotakis refused to take that as a guarantee, believing that more Americans may still be in Afghanistan than reported.

“Last I checked, the Pentagon just said 4,400, but there have been 58,000 that the United States have evacuated, so there’s about 6,500 at least Americans remaining, and there’s no way you’re going to get them out by August 31st.”

The congresswoman stressed that with a significant number of Americans still stranded, there is no way the tight deadline of August 31st will be met. Therefore, Biden should stop playing games like “Mother May I” with the Afghan conquerors.

“Let’s stop the stampedes, let’s stop putting people in danger, and let’s be clear with the Taliban that we’re going not to leave—we’re not playing ‘Mother May I’ with the Taliban.”

Malliotakis raised two of her concerns in the interview. To start with, extend hands and rescue the Afghans who have worked as interpreters for the United States after their houses have been burned down and even lost their fingers in the process. “We’re going to stay until we get every American and our Afghan partners who have put their life on the line helping American troops as interpreters and other capacities over the years.”

Secondly, because of open borders and defunding police forces in cities across America, there was “a risk of another attack” after the Taliban released 5,000 prisoners, including ISIS and al-Qaeda.

“This is a recipe for disaster,” Malliotakis concluded.

Reactions to Malliotakis' Comment on Biden's Poor Afghanistan Evacuation Response

Absolutely!!! MAGA! Trump 2024! @OANN

Poor il President

Oh, Sleepy Joe....

B I D E N H A S N O H O N O R‼️ Beau would be so disgusted‼️

He thinks Biden cares lol

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