What Happened on the Last Season of Unforgotten? (S4)

Unforgotten Cover with Cast

Table of Contents Unforgotten Season 4 Recap Episode 1 DS Sunny Khan (Sanjeev Bhaskar) is in charge of the squad while DCI Cassie Stuart (Nicola Walker) continues to be on medical leave due to the strain of her profession and her breakdown over the evil she saw while looking into a serial killer. Cassie has […]

I Am Flesh God: Man Eats Raw Meat Says It Is Much Healthier?

Flesh God — Man Eats Raw Meat Says It Is Much Healthier_20220629_133356_0000

A video of a man showing his bizarre habit of eating raw meat and drinking his girlfriend’s breast milk and his other… personal secretions. Boban Simic, @IAMFLESH GOD on TikTok, a 40-year-old Chicago-based bouncer and the ex-martial-arts fighter has regularly posted various kinds of demonstrations of his paleo diet to his followers. A bizarre eating […]

Falcon Showcase Incredible Precision During Flight

Falcon Showcase Incredible Precision During Flight_20220629_133356_0001

With the small gap provided, the falcon still manages to demonstrate its incredible precision. It’s undeniably stunning that whenever birds showcase their inspiring skill, standing in awe is all can do. Like the involvement of the falcon in this video. The video was posted on Twitter by the user, @buitengebieden, garnering more than 8 million […]

Kristin Cavallari Pleased With Her Significant Weight Gain

Kristin Cavallari Talks About Her Weight Gain

She is happy with and proud of her weight gain. It’s still novel to us to hear that someone is glad of having put on weight since, at times, it might be difficult for others to see that they are doing so in a culture full with ideals about how women should have looked. Kristin […]

Why Was Travis Barker Rushed To The Hospital In An Ambulance?

Emergency Medical Treatment for Travis Barker

His wife never left his side, and her daughter has requested prayers. Due to the use of an ambulance to transport him to the hospital, Travis Barker’s hospitalization looks to be serious, as her daughter Alabama has also asked for prayers from the public. After being transported to the hospital on Tuesday afternoon with his […]

NeNe Leakes’ Lawsuit Against Bravo & Andy Cohen: Will It Be Dropped?

NeNe Leakes Is 'Negotiating' A Lawsuit With Bravo And Cohen

Can this be resolved without causing further harm to either party or will the real housewife keep suing the production? Recently, NeNe Leakes filed a complaint against her former boss Andy Cohen and the show’s producers, alleging that they supported a toxic and racial workplace. Now that she is in negotiations with the producers, including […]