Fireworks Gone Wrong Caught On Camera – Horrifying Fireworks Display

Fireworks Gone Wrong Caught On Camera – Horrifying Fireworks Display

After setting off a firework during what appeared to be a family's leisure time in a driveway, an unexpected incident happened.

The first few seconds of the video show the three men setting up a firework next to the vehicle; what happens next is an unprecedented event. The fireworks’ lit-up sparks dispersed and nearly hit every person in the video.

A more terrifying scenario occurred, though, when a firework on a car trunk suddenly blow-up, creating a massive explosion. Everyone instantly flees for safety.

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The video was posted on Twitter and has already accumulated more than 34.2 million views and 563.9 thousand likes. The user who posted the clip confirmed that he took the video on Reddit and shared it on Twitter.
Twitter users speculate the same regarding the idea that more firecrackers are placed behind the car, which is where the man in the video check after the first firecracker explodes.

Others think that it might be a mere marketing strategy of the company “SimpliSafe” which the logo was shown throughout the video.

A user shared his insight regarding buying fireworks, “Another reason I’ll never buy fireworks again. I had this happen a few years ago when a firework misfired. Thankfully no one was injured, and we didn’t have a pallet of fireworks nearby.”

“Guess they’ll blame the fireworks and not the person behind lighting the fireworks,” a user wrote, which another user replied with a quip, “Without fireworks, this wouldn’t have happened.”

One user expressed his concern about the kids in the video, “Those poor children on the opposite side of the van when it, looked like there were 3-4 kids guarding the fireworks…I hope they are OK.”

Furthermore, it is unclear where the viral incidence occurred and whether any injuries were reported. The user who uploaded the video made it clear that he is not related to any of the people in it.

Reactions to Fireworks Gone Wrong Caught On Camera – Horrifying Fireworks Display

I showed this video to my kids and my 8-year old said “it’s gotta be Florida”


Every year. Never fails.


Wild idea: People shouldn't be allowed to buy and set off their own fireworks without some training and a license that can be revoked for doing something like this.


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