Viral Video: NYC Women Assaulted Fast-Food Crew Over Sauce Fee

Viral Video NYC Women Assaulted Fast-Food Crew Over Sauce Fee

Three women trashed a New York restaurant over a $1.75 fee for extra sauce, allegedly causing hundred dollars in damages to the restaurant.

Everyone has an eye for extra sauce to sweeten the dining experience with their favorite foods. However, not all restaurants provide it without charge, and not a reason to justify violence.

A disturbing incident happened in a New York restaurant as women can be seen on a TikTok video lashing out their anger at the restaurant employees. Injuring the two crew over a $1.75 charge for extra sauce.

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An employee’s video showed the group throwing a metal stool, glass bottles, and anything else within reach at the restaurant. And the incident was posted by TikTok user “ruthcortes77.”

According to NYPD, the group took about $10 from the cash register before launching into at the staff. Still, the incident didn’t end that quick.

The women storm into the restaurant’s kitchen and start wrecking everything they touch. The staff stepped away to keep distance as the women tore down the plastic barrier and kept tossing objects within arm’s reach.

One woman tried approaching the filming employee with a taser in hand, and the employee told the woman, “you’re gonna go to jail.”

The three women were identified as Ozoria, Plasencia, and Johnson and also arrested for robbery and criminal mischief charges. Ozoria is accused of striking a police officer in the face while being detained.
Ozoria was also accused of resisting arrest, assaulting a police officer, hindering government administration, and disorderly behavior. Criminal possession of a weapon was another offense brought against Johnson and Plasencia.

A 33-year-old female and a 38-year-old male suffered head injuries, and the company, Bel Fries, has not given any statement yet about the reopening.

Reactions to Viral Video: NYC Women Assaulted Fast-Food Crew Over Sauce Fee

I hope soon to read that arrests have been made.


Black female privilege.


This is what raising kids to believe that there are no consequences for their choices in life looks like.


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