Scripted? Caught On Camera As A Girl Slaps A Boy Inside The Delhi Metro

Scripted Caught On Camera As A Girl Slaps A Boy Inside The Delhi Metro, Viral

The video that is making the rounds on social media, Twitter users are suspicious about whether it is staged or not.

In an undated video, everyone aboard the Delhi Metro coach was wearing a mask. Although the girl repeatedly hits the boy, it’s unclear from the video whether the incident was actual or staged.
The female slaps the boy in a viral video as they quarrel. The moment the female unnecessarily takes off her mask, hits the guy, and starts arguing with him, you suspect it’s all staged.

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The boy then continues to argue with the girl as she begins to walk away, to which she steps back and strikes him once more before she turns around and leaves. The female starts to walk around when the train is almost at its destination.
But the boy she is arguing with hits her instead.
They reportedly got into a fight over a t-shirt that the boy stated could not have cost more than $150, but the girl claimed she paid $ 1,000 for it. The situation escalated into a full-blown flight, including the boy smacking the girl before dropping her at the next station.

The video has more than 284.8 thousand views and 4,000 likes on Twitter. The translated caption says, “Nibba Nibby Fighting Guys…”

Most Twitter users expressed that violence by women against men has become the norm. Some criticize it as fake or staged, and few shares their quip about the video.

A user wrote, “When the accused is a woman, it is a nibba nibbi fight, but when the accused is a man, that becomes an issue of women’s safety.”

“The fact that people are laughing in the comment section says a lot about society,” wrote another user.

One user seemingly considered the clip staged and said, “Congratulations 👏🏻 you’re famous now 😂”

While on the other hand, some user addressed their quip, like, “Indigenous Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.”

Reactions to Scripted? Caught On Camera As A Girl Slaps A Boy Inside The Delhi Metro, Viral

In the USA she would've been arrested at once. But no chance in India. Women in India do not have slightest hesitation in physically abusing men in public.


Violence by females towards males has been normalized by the society. Shows like FIR and Ekta Kapood serials have alsl played a massive role towards this


Future is very bright😆😆😆


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