Two Families Get Into A Violent Fight At Disney World In Florida

Two Families Get Into A Violent Fight At Disney World In Florida

Onlookers recorded the horrifying brawl, and the clip quickly went viral on social media.

People may go to Disneyland to fulfill their kids’ dreams; however, it must have been traumatizing to them after witnessing the incident.
Two families recently got into a big fight in Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Although TikTok’s original video was removed, the clip is still circulating on Twitter.

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Two families reportedly fought while waiting in line for a concert at Mickey’s PhilharMagic theater at Orlando’s Magic Kingdom amusement park, which showed absolute chaos.
When a family member sought to return the line after getting her phone, another family attempted to stop her. In the footage, there were crying children and parents calling for security to step in.

At the cinema exit, the two families came face to face, with one yelling to the other: “We don’t appreciate you guys pushing my younger sister.” They were both wearing similar red shorts and white T-shirts.

Then, as they drew nearer, both families started shouting and cursing. It eventually escalated into a massive brawl that spilled onto the sidewalk outside the theater.
According to reports, security and law enforcement successfully separated the two fighting families and hauled them to the park’s security office.

And then, they were transported to the park’s security office. After the securities and law enforcement separated the brawl, one man was reportedly brought to the hospital.

Despite the happenings, people in the reply section couldn’t help but share their quips regarding the matter.

“Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting,” wrote a user; while another user said, “Where dreams come true.”

“I bet this all started because somebody said Rise of Skywalker is better than Return of the Jedi,” shared another user.

Reactions to Two Families Get Into A Violent Fight At Disney World In Florida

Wow lol man them tickets too expensive to be getting kicked out and banned for life


Please tell me these are family fruition uniforms. Idk man, something about a family brawl in matching fits just warms the heart a lil bit. Bonding before the kids go back to school.


not at the happiest place in the world.


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