NeNe Leakes Attacks Andy Cohen And Says He’s “Stopping” Her Career

NeNe Leakes Attacks Andy Cohen And Says He's _Stopping_ Her Career

She is providing additional details regarding her terrible case against Bravo.

NeNe Leakes, the star of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” has chosen to provide more information about her lawsuit against Bravo. She has threatened to leak recordings and appears to be referring to Andy Cohen in her strong claim.

NeNe Leakes

The reality star wrote on Twitter, “I am happy I was able to help all the other black women get job opportunities that are working for them,” and her subsequent message looked to be an attack on Cohen.

“He stopped me from working because I was a threat to his career! Yet he was able to abuse me for years,” she continued. “I want to release these voice recordings so bad.”

Her subsequent move, which involved retweeting some fans’ response to her, seems to corroborate that she is referring to the Bravo executive. One fan stated, Andy used you until he wanted to kick you to the curb and then slander you so you couldn’t obtain any further work.”

“It’s so disappointing and it is definitely different than how he treats other housewives he disagrees with or has parted ways with.” This was in response to her earlier tweet, in which she stated, “They stop every job opportunity that comes my way.”

NeNe Leakes and Andy Cohen

She also retweeted a response from a different user that addressed Cohen, which was written as follows: Clearly, others do not want to be blackballed. If Andy has nothing to hide, why are they sabotaging her then?

As we previously reported, Leakes sued both Bravo and Cohen back in May, saying that racism is tolerated in the reality show’s production. In fact, she planned to sue the “RHOA” years previously, but the executives “blacklisted” her, making legal action impossible.

The complaint also alleged that they supported a toxic and racial workplace. In June, the real housewife was reported to be in negotiations with the producers, including NBC Universal, to perhaps settle the discrimination complaint she filed against them outside of court.

However, it seemed like that is not the case since Leakes is strongly continuing what she has started and didn’t drop the lawsuit after it. She left the reality program in June 2015 and then made a reappearance for Seasons 10 through 12 before departing for good.

Reactions to NeNe Leakes Attacks Andy Cohen And Says He's "Stopping" Her Career

Nene leakes has Voice recordings of Andy cohen and threatening to release them?!?!😮😮😮 Andy take down season?? #rhoa


Please I can’t handle a NeNe Leakes and Andy Cohen feud right now


@NeNeLeakes Bottom line, I now you have a legal team, but are they focus on the Culture? Because your Case is viable & potenent and can be broaden! There's so much video evidence of several Housewives saying and doing much more problematic stuff,but they were White. @nbc @Andy


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