How to Sleep Better During Pregnancy

3 tips for getting better quality sleep during pregnancy and beyond, TCM-style. Sleep–what an indulgence it has become for all of you mamas. I am merely a mom to be, and I am beginning to realize already that growing a baby, even one that’s still marinating in the belly, can be a real challenge to […]

How Social Media is Stressing You Out, Mom

5 steps to revamp your unhealthy online habits. Like many modern moms, your Instagram feed is probably packed with shots of your tiny tot giggling, goofing off and just being plain adorable. Your little love’s mere presence in your posts triggers a “like” spike, and, let’s be honest, that can feel really good. This affirmation from your […]

Cool Treats For Pregnant Women This Summer

Delicious and sweet ways to stay cool this summer. It’s getting HOT HOT HOT. Don’t worry–we’ve all been there and we know the discomfort that comes with being pregnant in the summer time.  Staying inside 24/7 is pretty much impossible, so what’s the next best option? Well, it is keeping yourself cool as much as possible and as often as possible. It’s […]

Pumping 101: Work Fashion

Dressing for (pumping) success may be easier than you think. Heading back to work after baby isn’t all bad — you also get to head back to wearing real (fashionable!) clothes, after spending much of your maternity leave in sweats and t-shirts. But if you’re a nursing mom and you’re planning on pumping at work, you […]

The Change-Up: Cardio

Adjusting your workout for your pregnant condition with Michelle Mason of Uplift Studios. New Yorkers are, by nature, active people. So it’s no wonder that when many women learn they’re pregnant, curtailing their workouts is just not an option. Prenatal classes are few and far between, and most focus on more subdued endeavors like stretching […]

DIY Kitchen Cleaners

Get your kitchen sparkly with these natural DIY cleaners from healthy living expert Jen Eden. Your partner does all sorts of things to help your pregnancy along — he rubs your city-tired feet, he gets redressed at 12 a.m. in order to hunt down Phish Food, he sings Twinkle Twinkle Little Star straight into your belly […]

Protein for Babies

How to get protein into your baby’s vegan, vegetarian and omnivore diet. If your baby is near the 6-month mark, you’re probably doing a lot of thinking about solid foods. Even though he or she will get all the nutrients she needs from breast milk, formula or a combination of the two, it’s a good […]

4 Squash Recipes You and Your Baby Will Love

Easy squash dishes that will feed your whole family. Winter squash is a favorite in our household this time of year, with acorn, butternut and spaghetti squash abound. Kids and adults love it for its bright color and sweet and earthy flavor! Many families like it with a lot of sweetness added, such as brown […]

5 Pregnancy Tips: Chriselle Lim

LA fashion icon and mama-to-be opens up about her miscarriage, her growing bump and learning to let go. We’ve had a crush on Chriselle Lim of The Chriselle Factor since we first saw her flash across our Instagram feed. But after one of our favorite online style experts admitted so bravely–in front of hundreds and thousands of […]

7 Ways To Lower Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

No medications needed, just a couple of lifestyle changes. You may think of high blood pressure as a problem you’ll have to deal with when you are older, but it turns out, many pregnant women deal with it too. In fact, American Pregnancy Association, hypertension affects up to 8 percent of expecting women and can lead to […]