Teenager Dies After Falling While Attempting To Retrieve Her Smartphone


A Turkish teen fell to her death from a building while attempting to get her phone, and security footage recorded the tragic event.

Another unfortunate case of retrieving one’s phone resulted in a tragic accident. The same happened in the caught video of a Turkish teen attempting to retrieve her phone.

Melike Gun Kanavuzlar, 15, dropped her phone while standing on a building in Ortaca, Mugla Province, Western Turkey, on October 12, according to local media.

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The disturbing 11-second clip begins with a passerby walking down the sidewalk outside the building, as seen through security cameras on nearby buildings.

The passerby suddenly moves out from under the building’s shades, and Kanavuzlar’s body thuds horrifyingly against the concrete next to them.

Melike Gün allegedly lost her balance while leaning down to answer the phone and fell from the roof of the building into the cement floor.

According to the mentioned local media, the medical and law police response teams called to the scene sent right away

After being brought to a public hospital in severe condition, the teenager was then sent to an intensive care unit in Mugla, a city in southwest Turkey.

She fought for an incredible 18 days before losing to her injuries. The woman eventually passed away after the long 18 days of fighting to survive and was buried on October 30.

In a related tragedy in August, a guy from Italy died after falling 650 feet while attempting to retrieve a dropped phone after taking a mountaintop selfie with his girlfriend.

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