Raquel Leviss Shamelessly Made Out With Tom Schwartz, Showing Her True Colors


No friend left as she continuously chooses boys before friends.

Before Scheana Shay’s wedding in Mexico, the group plans a white celebration at one of the resort’s swimming pools. And while Raquel Leviss engages Tom Schwartz in a liplock, Shay again encourages the action, informing Tom Sandoval that she wants Schwartz to make out with someone at the wedding.

Former fiancée of Sandoval, Ariana Madix, invites Schwartz to join the group. Leviss quickly follows and appears to join the conversation just after Shay asks Schwartz if he plans to make out with anyone over the weekend.

Madix says jokingly in an interview, imitating a dog with its ears perked up, “I can see Raquel’s ears perk up at the sound of Schwartz saying he’s going to make out with someone.” Schwartz, meanwhile, informs the group that he’s down to make out with someone, which surprises Madix, who says that historically, Schwartz has only been down to make out with people when he’s married to someone else.

Schwartz covers his mouth and momentarily flees in response to the jab at his and Maloney’s dissolved marriage. Equally dumbfounded, Leviss murmurs to Madix, “Perhaps that’s the case.” During the night, Leviss invites Schwartz to join her on a swing on the opposite side of the pool as tensions continue to rise between the two.

On Wednesday’s “Vanderpump Rules” on Bravo episode, Tom Schwartz approached Raquel Leviss. He began kissing her at a poolside wedding celebration in Mexico. The 40-year-old bar proprietor was present at Shay and Brock Davies’ wedding with the rest of the cast when he decided to pursue 28-year-old Raquel.

Brock shouted from across the pool, “Make out!” as the couple sat at a romantic table on the edge of a swimming pool. Schwartz told Raquel, “I’m so annoyed by what others have done to force us to make out that I kind of just want to do it now.”

“Schwartz!” Raquel said, to which Schwartz replied, “When did you realize this?” He then added, “Raquel, you are f***ing stunning. You are lovely. It never existed at all. Katie made it a thing,” referring to his 36-year-old ex-wife Katie Maloney.

Raquel stated, “I can’t stop thinking about it now.” Schwartz said. “Really? Are you serious?” Raquel revealed in a confessional that Schwartz appealed to her for numerous reasons. Raquel stated, “He is so sweet and kind, and I adore his sense of humor. My attraction for Schwartz surpasses my desire for friendship with Katie.” 

At the table, Schwartz bent over and began kissing the woman. The episode was recorded last August, before the months-long affair between Tom Sandoval and Raquel became public, resulting in the breakup of Madix and Sandoval, who had been together since 2014, last month.

Raquel Leviss raved about how she was developing a meaningful connection with Schwartz months before her affair with Sandoval became public knowledge. During a new episode of “Vanderpump Rules” broadcast on March 29th, Raquel, 28, and Schwartz, 40, began to develop a relationship on-screen.

“I appreciate that Schwartz and I have reached a point where we are close. Who can say? Perhaps we will become even closer in the future,” she joked before adding, “Tighter sounds a bit like vaginal tighter.”

James Kennedy’s front-row seat to Raquel and Schwartz’s suggestive conversations did not please him. “As in, what the f—k is that? Why are you toying with Raquel before my eyes? You look insane, man. You appear desperate and ridiculous,” he said. “Go run on the treadmill, you fat s—t!”

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