Connecticut Homeowner Caught On Video Fighting Against Four Car Thieves In Driveway

Connecticut Homeowner Caught On Video Fighting Against Four Car Thieves In Driveway

A brave homeowner took a gang of four thieves to prevent his car from being taken away and made the driveway their battle arena.

A peaceful driveway in Connecticut suddenly transforms into a wrestling arena as a courageous homeowner takes on a gang of four car thieves, determined to prevent them from stealing his ride.

The video shows a man running towards the parked red automobile from the adjacent road while holding a mobile device to his ear. Upon reaching the vehicle, he promptly unlocks the door and enters it with ease.

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A second later, an individual swiftly makes his way into the driveway, seemingly emerging from the residence, and forcefully removes the intruder from the driver’s position. A physical altercation ensues, during which the two individuals grapple with each other, resulting in the perpetrator’s jacket being forcefully pulled over his head.

The homeowner vehemently exclaims for the intruder to depart while grappling with them. He yells again, “Who do you think you are?”

The recorded video shared on the police department’s Facebook page shows the burglar seemed to have the advantage, repeatedly striking the crouching resident. However, the significantly taller homeowner then overpowered the criminal by hoisting them over his shoulders and lifting them off the ground.

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Following the previous incident, another man arrived at the scene and proceeded to deliver multiple blows to the homeowner’s head and chest. Shortly after, two more individuals came and joined the assault. 

The situation escalated until a female voice could be heard in the background, shouting, “I’m contacting the authorities!”

According to the video footage, the apprehensive burglars hastily retreated to a vehicle of a somber hue parked on the street and promptly departed in a hurried manner.

As per the statement of law enforcement officials, the resident was subsequently given medical attention at a hospital.