Drew Sidora And Latoya Ali Made Out And Exchanged COVID-19, Says B. Scott

Drew Sidora And Latoya Ali Made Out And Exchanged COVID-19, Says B. Scott


The dirty laundry is out!

B. Scott says Drew Sidora and Latoya Ali traded salvia and maybe Covid-19 back in September 2020. Scott has an audio tape of Kandi Burrus and Marlo Hampton asking Drew about making out with Latoya at Cynthia Bailey’s bachelorette party in Season 13 while they were on their cast trip in Portugal for the next season.

Scott isn’t putting out an audio clip of the talk or saying who recorded it, but she has put the conversation transcripts on her website. The snake from season 12 caught Cynthia and Nene Leakes fighting back. Drew got into a fight with Marlo and Kandi, and he denied everything they said.

However, Marlo did not stop discussing what they saw between Drew and Latoya. He didn’t wait long before he said that LaToya, who is married, was visiting her longtime family friend Prophet Anthony Lott. 

It was not long ago when the actress said that Prophet Lott was supposed to do a baby blessing on her daughter Aniya. Still, she chose not to continue because she thought LaToya and Prophet Lott were dating.

Drew Sidora And Latoya Ali

Drew said that Prophet Lott and LaToya were cheating on him, but both said that wasn’t true. Drew, 35, told her husband Ralph Pittman about the situation and said they needed to figure out what to do about their daughter Aniya’s event because Prophet Lott would no longer do the baby blessing.

Drew said that the trouble started when LaToya was driven home the night Shamea Morton had some of the women over. “LaToya had way too much to drink,” Drew said in front of the cameras. Danny introduced the “Step Up” star to Prophet Lott years ago.

Since then, she told the audience he had become an essential part of our family, and he would do the baby blessing for their daughter, Aniya. That is until she decided he was seeing LaToya, who was 34.

Drew said, “I really still don’t know everything that’s going on,” but she told Ralph, “LaToya’s mom said she went and got a hotel room for Prophet Lott. Then Prophet Lot said, they ate dinner, and then the next day, they ate breakfast.”

“That’s what I keep thinking about, that they’re together,” Drew further told Ralph, adding, “I feel like there’s a thin line between worshiping and praying for someone and being spiritual, and now you’re saying she’s in a relationship with a prophet?”

Drew said that she thought the preacher also had a new baby and was getting ready to get married. “All I can think about is how he has a new baby and a girlfriend back home. And you’re still married, legally,” Drew added, referring to LaToya. “So you’re living with your husband, married, and over here with the prophet?”

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