Transphobic Alert: Kelly Dodd Is Called Out For Making Extreme Comments To Heather Dubrow’s Family

Transphobic Alert: Kelly Dodd Is Called Out For Making Extreme Comments To Heather Dubrow’s Family


When it’s below the belt, better not touch it.

Kelly Dodd is in trouble with Bravo fans after making a transphobic, offensive comment about Heather Dubrow’s family. The former “Real Housewives of Orange County” star, fired on Wednesday, called her former co-star a “man-baby” in her Instagram Stories.

Dodd shared a picture of Dubrow and Dylan Mulvaney, an actress, and social media star known for posting daily TikTok videos about her gender transition. The former “Housewife” seemed to be discussing Dubrow’s children’s sexual orientations and gender identities when she wrote, “I realized why hd kids are confused. Take a look at your mother’s Adam’s apple.”

Dodd stated in a later video why she always does this to Dubrow. She said, “It’s because she sent me two cease-and-desist letters, which makes me want to keep going after her repeatedly. I’m not afraid, so send me another stop-and-desist letter, you guy.”

People on Twitter criticized the ex-Bravolebrity’s cruel social media post, which led Bravo executive Andy Cohen and other “Housewives” to condemn Dodd’s actions. “By far, Kelly Dodd is the most disgusting and pitiful HW who has ever been on the show. End of story,” wrote one fan. “Kelly Dodd is a stupid and nasty person. Anyone who hangs out with her should feel bad,” said another.

Dodd was fired, and then she got in trouble for making transphobic comments in a Cameo video. She sent an Instagram apology for her raw and unfiltered words, saying, “I accept everyone for who they want to be and… I don’t hate trans people. I didn’t know how to speak the language.”

But when Dubrow said in March that her son Ace is becoming a woman, Dodd called her a fame whore and accused her of child abuse. Dubrow didn’t directly answer Dodd’s hate, but she said last month on her show “Let’s Talk with Heather Dubrow” that she will always fight for her kids’ safety, rights, and freedom.

She said it was the furthest thing from the truth to say that she used Ace’s departure to stay relevant. “It was clear that we needed to say something,” she said. “Our goal was to let people know how great our son is and show how much we love and care for him.” 

When Bethenny Frankel, a former “Real Housewives of New York City” star, supported Ace’s incredible transition, Dubrow thanked her in an Instagram comment. Heather and her husband, Terry Dubrow, also have twin sons, Max and Nick, who are 19 years old, and a daughter, Kat, who is 16 years old. Max wrote on Instagram in 2020 that he is bisexual, and Kat said in 2022 that she is a lesbian.

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