Minions Fans Seeing The Movie In Suits On A Viral TikTok Trend, Universal Responded

Minions Fans Seeing The Movie In Suits On A Viral TikTok Trend, Universal Responded

The young people in suits are flocking to the theater to watch the 2022 new release film of Minions.

As a fan, would you miss out on the opportunity to join the trend of your most awaited movie?

Members of Gen Z, the franchise’s primary target audience, are showing up to the new origin movie, Minions: The Rise of Gru, in full suits as part of a popular TikTok trend, more than ten years after the original release of Despicable Me. However, although Universal might respond with how they are happy with it, some theaters are not pleased.

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One of the TikTok videos shows the trend is accumulating more than 48.8 million. It can be seen in the video of young men wearing suits, looking like they just have been on a prom night attending another event in the mall, but it’s actually a premiere of the movie, Minions: The Rise of Gru.

Universal acknowledges the people who showed up to Minions in suits, Tweeted, “to everyone showing up to @Minions in suits: we see you, and we love you. “

With all the joy and hype for the movie, some theater managers are obviously less satisfied with the themed display than the studio is, despite how happy they are. Another TikToker who followed the trend was asked to leave the theater when the police showed up.
The people can be seen in the video gathering in front of the theater. But that’s not the only case that happened; another TikTok video of a large group in suit getting kicked out by a theater manager.
@skydivingaubrey i can’t believe we actually got kicked out of a kids movie. sophie crying at the end bc she just wanted to see the movie 😂. @stunkysonx101 @eyeheart.emoboys ♬ Ï CÖUNT MONEË – Twïzz
However, that is not the only case during the movie’s premiere. Another TikTok video shows a large group of young people in suits getting kicked out by a theater manager.

Most users were not pleased with what happened at the theater. But, a few say people are just having the time of their life.

One user addressed her disappointment, “It would have been fine if they only dressed up, but they literally started a mosh pit at that point that’s not even funny.”

“There’s enjoying a movie, and then there’s being obnoxious about it,” said a user, who replied another with, “I completely agree. This video is funny, but the most pit was too far.”

Reactions to Minions Fans Seeing The Movie In Suits On A Viral TikTok Trend, Universal Responded

People that pull up to these in suits are losers I’m sorry the trend is not funny nor the moshing!!!


Great, now put up these signs when people scream so loud during Marvel movies that I can't hear the dialogue.


i am LIVING for all the teenagers/young adults on tiktok going to see minions: rise of gru in suits, formal attire, or dressed like minions 😭 it’s so funny for no reason


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