Ice Spice Violated Strict IG Rules, IG Removed Her Post

Ice Spice Violated Strict IG Rules, IG Removed Her Post


Girl, you should really be mindful of what you post. Love, IG.

Popular rapper Ice Spice has stated that Instagram deleted one of her posts after revealing her true name – which violates a regulation against violence – in it, and the internet can’t believe it.

If you have not encountered Ice Spice on the internet in the past few months, you have likely been living under a rock or entirely off the grid. The 23-year-old rapper has gone viral on several social media sites, partly thanks to her songs and resulting music videos. TikTok and Twitter, mainly, can’t stop spreading her collab with Nicki Minaj.

Ice Spice released her debut single, “Bully Freestyle,” in August 2021. The song quickly became extremely popular on the TikTok platform. In another interview, the rapper said that she following songs were “serious flops,” She has since removed them from the internet.

In November of the same year, she resumed releasing new music, and the first track she put out was titled “No Clarity.” Ice Spice released her debut extended play (EP) titled “Like..?” in January 2023. The EP consists of six tracks. Among her most well-known works are “In Ha Mood” and “Munch (Feelin’ U),” which appears to be a particular favorite of Lil Nas X.

Ice Spice was already popular on social media when Lil Nas X decided to dress up like her for Halloween in 2022. This was even though her songs were already successful. He wore a green crop top and orange nail polish, as Ice Spice did in the music video for her song “Munch (Feelin’ U).

Her work with PinkPantheress was released early in February 2023, and it was an instant hit, garnering a slot in the top three of the Billboard 100.

Given her prominence on other platforms, understandably, she’s also been relatively popular on Instagram, building up close to 7 million followers with less than 100 posts. However, the site has struck one of her posts because she used her true name. Yes, seriously.

That is absolutely true, ladies and gents. The rapper stated on April 17 that one of her postings had been taken down for breaking Instagram’s restrictions on “violence or dangerous organizations.”

It was only a primary picture of her from the “Princess Diana” music video, but her own name – Isis – forced the site to erase the post. “Can’t type my name ODE,” she remarked in a story showing the removal.

While it is a popular name, it does have connections to an extreme group that uses it as an abbreviation; thus, it’s very probable the post has been auto-flagged by Instagram or been spam reported by trolls.

A number of admirers were disappointed that the post got removed, calling out Instagram over social media. “I dead-ass hate IG so much for its terrible code,” tweeted one. “This is how I find out her real name?” another questioned.

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