#RHONJ Reunion Flopped Luis Ruelas Fought With RHONJ Husbands For Drama

#RHONJ Reunion Flopped: Luis Ruelas Fought With “RHONJ” Husbands For Drama


They always wake up in the morning to choose violence.

Luis Ruelas is said to have gotten into fights with Joe Gorga, Margaret Josephs, and even Frank Catania at the “RHONJ” reunion that was just shot and viewers say that the meeting was very tense.

In a sneak peek for Tuesday’s episode of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” Joe Gorga and Luis Ruelas get into a heated fight that ends with Gorga threatening to hurt Ruelas. 

At an “RHONJ” husbands’ dinner, things got worse when Gorga mentioned that Ruelas and Teresa Giudice didn’t invite his wife Melissa Gorga’s parents to their upcoming wedding.

F–k you, f–k you, you’re not a man, bro,” Gorga, who is 48 years old, told Ruelas, who is 47, with a brutal look. “You’re an f–king pussy, and you know why,” Ruelas asked Gorga if he meant he was not a man. Gorga replied, “I’m so much better than you. It’s not even funny.”

After Gorga said, he would show Ruelas what an f–king man is, Ruelas, told him, “You can talk all you want, but you won’t affect me.”

“I’m gonna break your f–king balls!” Gorga screamed and hit the table with both hands. “Right now, f–k!” Before Gorga threatened to get physical, he yelled at Ruelas about how f–ked up it was that he and Giudice didn’t give Gorga’s in-laws the respect of an invitation.

“It’s like saying “F–k you, you don’t matter to me,” Gorga said that Ruelas’s claim that their decision was based on a lot of past bulls–t was why they made their final choice. He said, “There’s a lot of slapping people in the face, and you’re not the only one who feels that way. This week, your wife said on social media that her kids wouldn’t eat if it weren’t for you and her.” 

Ruelas was probably talking about a May episode of Melissa’s show, “On Display,” in which Joe said that Giudice‘s kids would not still be living in that house and having food if he and Melissa hadn’t been on “RHONJ” when Giudice went to prison in 2015.

“What she meant, and what I meant, was that I’ve held my sister, I called her every f–king day, I took care of my sister, and I was there,” Gorga explained. But things went wrong when Ruelas said that Gorga’s four nieces talked about how hard it is for the two families to get along.

“Bro, you don’t know sh–t!” Gorga said something. “You’ve been here one f–king minute!” They kept going back and forth. Gorga told him just to be quiet and that he should be embarrassed to talk about his nieces. Ruelas told him, “I’ll say whatever I want to say to you.”

“Tough guy, f–k you, don’t talk to me like that,” Gorga told Ruelas. “Stop with the acting,” Ruelas told him later. This won’t be the last big fight between the brothers-in-law this season, which is bad for both families. 

In the trailer for Season 13, Ruelas, Giudice, and the Gorgas got into an argument that got so hot that Ruelas said he would “f–king punch Gorga in the face.”

Because of their many differences, the Gorgas didn’t attend Giudice and Ruelas’ wedding last August. They’ve only kept fighting in public since then.

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