“Not Today”: Tamra Judge Raised War Against Teresa Giudice After “Two T’s In A Pod” Podcast

“Not Today”: Tamra Judge Raised War Against Teresa Giudice After “Two T’s In A Pod” Podcast
“Not Today”: Tamra Judge Raised War Against Teresa Giudice After “Two T’s In A Pod” Podcast

And the fight begins with a podcast.

Tamra Judge criticized Teresa Giudice after the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star called her a bad friend. On Friday’s podcast episode with Teddi Mellencamp, the “Real Housewives of Orange County” star told Giudice, “Sit down and shut up like you’re doing at the reunion.”

The reality star said that she usually tries to ignore any nasty comments. Still, she thought, “Not today, forehead, not today, ding dong, not today, jailbird – I do not have it!” Giudice recently criticized Judge for having Caroline Manzo on her show, even though the “RHONJ” alum is currently fighting with Judge’s friend Brandi Glanville.

Teresa had Brandi Glanville on her podcast, “Namaste B\$tches.” Teresa told Brandi that Tamra is a bad friend to her for having Caroline Manzo on “Two T’s in a Pod.” Everyone knows now that Caroline and Brandi had a lot of trouble while filming season 4 of “RHUGT.

Teresa tells Brandi that Caroline wouldn’t have been on her show if Tamra had been such a good friend. Then, Teresa goes on another podcast show and says that Tamra’s podcast could be more organized.

Well, Tamra heard everything Teresa said and told her to stop. Everyone knows that she stole Candiace Dillard from RHOP and Tamra says her podcast is about women, and iHeartRadio books guests for her show.

Glanville was recently accused of touching Manzo’s breast area and vaginal area. At the same time, they were both shooting Season 4 of “Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip.”

The host of the podcast “Unfiltered” has vehemently denied doing anything wrong, and the author of “Let Me Tell You Something” has said she never wants to be on the hit show again. Judge kept saying on her show that Brandi is a dear friend and had no problem with Brandi interviewing Manzo. 

Again, she told Giudice, “This is me telling you to shut the f–k up.” Judge said that she and Mellencamp host “strictly a ‘Housewife’ podcast,” so women from the Bravo franchise will often have their publicists contact iHeartMedia, which happened with Manzo.

When the former gym owner heard that Glanville, 50, was booked, she said she called him, and he told her, “I get it, babe. No worries.” Judge first reacted to Giudice’s criticism on the Queens of Bravo Instagram account earlier this week, saying, “Teresa, please! @two.ts.inapod is strictly a housewife podcast. Since you came on to talk about your show, you know that [iHeartMedia] books our talent.”

“I talked to Brandi before the Caroline interview to let her know what would happen. Before you come after me, straighten out your story!” She said she feels terrible for Brandi on her show and she also said that she doesn’t think anyone else should have to go through what she did.

Teresa said, “If you sign up for the same TV show, you’re in it together. No one should be fired from their job, especially a single mom. I’d never do something like that.” She asked why Tamra was friends with Brandi and why Brandi would be on the show instead of her. 

Tamra quickly replied to the other woman, telling her to get her story straight before she came for her. She also said, “Please, Teresa! The only people who listen to [Two Ts in a Pod] are housewives. Since you came on to talk about your show, you already know that iHeart hires us. I talked to Brandi before Caroline’s interview to let her know what was happening.”

Fans praised Tamra Judge on Twitter for calling out Teresa. They also said she isn’t loyal to her brother and Tamra will eat Teresa up. They said that the “RHONJ” cast member started the “BS” and that they love it when Tamra Judge stands up for herself. 

Fans also noted that Teresa had had Tamra on her radar for weeks, putting her down many times. The show she did with Brandi, they said, was way too much. 

They also noted that Tamra had been quiet up to now, and they didn’t blame her, and this wasn’t the first time they’d fought. Teresa Giudice used to say that Tamra Judge and Teddi Mellencamp were “sh*t starters.

She said on their show that it’s all drama with them and that they put each other down to get clicks. She compared her podcast to theirs and said that she likes to be more upbeat and that her show is more about “life-life.”

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