What Happened in The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 12? (Full Recap)

Stella Aurora

In Season 12 of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Vicki, Tamra, Shannon, Meghan, and Kelly from Season 11 are all back for the emotionally charged twelfth season, along with Lydia, who is returning to mend friendships in the OC.

Kelly and Michael are divorcing Shannon and David are no longer together. Vicki and Tamra are still not speaking. Vicki was on sedatives, Tamra wept about Sidney, Lydia argued with Meghan about being called homophobic after her outburst at drag night, and Meghan was classified as such.

Cast of The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 12

  • Vicki Gunvalson – A prosperous female and reality T.V. personality residing in Coto de Caza, California
  • Tamra Barney Judge – a well-known American businessman, T.V. host, and real estate agent
  • Shannon Beador – is an American actress, television personality, and entrepreneur.
  • Meghan King Edmonds – an American television personality and a businesswoman
  • Kelly Dodd – an American television personality and an entrepreneur
  • Lydia McLaughlin – granddaughter of Canadian media mogul Geoff Stirling, running a magazine- Nobleman.
  • Peggy Sulahian – an Armenian-American T.V. personality, proud to share her culture on reality T.V. as an O.C. housewife

Episode 1 - The Great Divide

RHOC S12 - Shannon Beador

The Beador family have settled into their new home. They have acquired a new puppy, which they have given the name R.T. While making dinner, Shannon Beador is concerned since she has gained weight.

RHOC Vicki Gunvalson is working hard to grow her company, Tamra Judge is reuniting with an old acquaintance, and Shannon is having weight problems. After having baby Aspen, Meghan King is now back in Orange County. Lydia McLaughlin, a reuniting housewife, is committed to reuniting Tamra and Vicki.

Episode 2 - It's Either My Way or the Feng Shui

This episode features the introduction of a new housewife. Armenian Peggy and her husband Diko Sulahian, who is much older than she is Peggy experienced a breast cancer scare. Diko gives Peggy a stunning necklace made of 21-carat diamonds.

Peggy Sulahian, whose life may seem ideal but not everything that glitters is gold, is featured in Lydia’s magazine. Shannon seeks the assistance of her feng shui specialist. Tensions rise when Lydia and Shannon argue at Tamra’s granddaughter’s birthday celebration.

Episode 3 - The Not So Quiet Woman

RHOC S12 - Tamra Judge

Back in her position as “the Rodney King of the OC,” Tamra is thrust. Shannon meets Kelly Dodd, her adversary, in person. While setting up her new workplace, Vicki faces trust concerns, and Peggy and her family are preparing for Peggy’s impending surgery. 

Jim and Meghan are in full-on Bayville. Jim is doing some cleaning in Orange County. Because it is a huge house, they are listing it for sale.

Episode 4 - We Have a New Puppet Master

RHOC S12 - Kelly Dodd

Kelly tries to change herself from the inside out to enhance her love life, even though The Quiet Woman’s aftermath has left both women in a state of shock. Shannon takes Sophie Beador for a driving lesson in the car. At a birthday celebration Lydia’s mother throws for her grandson, Vicki meets new housewife Peggy, and the two hit it off immediately.

Tamra wants to stop her family’s cycle of parental alienation and divorce. Kelly makes her first trip to see Meghan since Aspen was born. Kelly texted Meghan to let her know that Jim was having an affair while she was seven months pregnant after Meghan accused her of dating someone.

Episode 5 - Moving In, Moving On, and Moving Fast

RHOC S12 - Shannon and Tamra

Shannon and Tamra meet face to face. The trip that Lydia’s family takes is filled with awkward interactions. Vicki interferes in her son’s romantic life.

Peggy extends an invitation to her pals to the debut of her Lamborghini. Lydia is having a great time playing in the ocean in Hawaii with her family. While they are at the beach, Lydia makes the decision to respond to a remark Judy Stirling, her 8-year-old son, made.

Episode 6 - The Sip-N-See Stand Off

RHOC S12 - Vicki Gunvalson

Vicki makes an effort to maintain both her personal and romantic relationships. Lydia organizes a launch event for her new publication. Tamra arranges for Kelly and Shannon to have a meal together.

Every woman will be together for the first time in months when Meghan hosts a Sip-N-See for baby Aspen. The Housewives are preparing for trouble at the actual sip-n-see. Each promises not to approach the other until the other comes first.

Episode 7 - Un-Noble Women

RHOC S12 - Lydia McLaughlin

Real housewife Lydia McLaughlin hopes everyone will get along at the launch party for her magazine after all the women finally met at Meghan’s Sip-N-See. Tamra battles the effects of her dysfunctional home and her mother’s poor communication. However, Tamra feels Peggy is overstepping her bounds at the Nobleman launch party.

Even though they seldom have a break from each other, he is trying to surprise her with a romantic trip to Spain while gushing about how beautiful things are between them. Tamra practically blames Eddie Judge for her daughter’s absence from her life and, by extension, her mother’s attitude about everything.

Episode 8 - Run for Your Wife

RHOC S12 - Vicki

When Vicki discovers that Kelly intends to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Shannon and Meghan, she becomes envious. Peggy finds that there was a miscommunication between her and Tamra. As Lydia competes in a Spartan Race, she wonders if her son’s prophecy will come true.

Shannon and Kelly are engaged in a hefty pour of whiskey and whimsy, and Meghan hopes that eyes will be smiling upon them.

Episode 9 - Drag Bingo Bombshell

RHOC S12 - Kelly and Meghan

Kelly tells Meghan that she thinks Shannon, her new friend, is up to her old ways. Meghan dons her detective hat once more to look into Vicki’s problems with Tamra and Shannon. While Peggy brings her daughter to New York, Vicki is trying to make progress with her new love.

Lydia encounters a moral conundrum during a drag bingo event when the ladies are present and previous disagreements resurface.

Episode 10 - Loose Lips Sink Friendships

RHOC S12 - Meghan King Edmonds

Kelly’s assault has still left Meghan in shock. Although Lydia tries to be a mediator, she can’t remain unbiased. After receiving an unexpected call, Tamra begins to doubt whether she and Vicki still have a chance. Peggy gets ready to enroll her daughters in college.

Shannon has a birthday celebration. At Vicki’s birthday celebration, an old buddy shares some information regarding Eddie’s history.

Episode 11 - Breast Intentions

RHOC S12 - Shannon

Shannon jokes about how she and Lydia are the only group members who haven’t had boob jobs after Vicki leaves, and the Housewives are all seated around a table discussing them. The problem is that Lydia has already had one, and when she sees Shannon grabbing Tamra’s leg, she thinks Shannon is making fun of her and tells her she’s “done” with her. Shannon becomes upset over the miscommunication and won’t let it go.

She tearfully explained to Lydia that she wasn’t making fun of her and was merely clutching Tamra’s leg to prevent herself from arguing with Peggy. The latter called her “something else” for interfering in the Tamra-Vicki argument.

Episode 12 - Farm-to-Table Manners

RHOC S12 - Meghan and husband Jim

Kelly’s spouse is by her side as she undergoes surgery. Tamra expresses to Meghan her displeasure with Shannon’s actions. Kelly receives visits from Vicki and Shannon as she recovers.

Shannon invites Tamra, Meghan, Kelly, and Peggy to a dinner date, where Peggy defiantly repels Kelly’s barrage of insults. When Lydia contacts Tamra to ask her to Doug Mclaughlin’s Balls Voyage celebration, she learns that Shannon’s dinner invitation appears to have been lost at sea.

Episode 13 - Don't Rock the Boat

RHOC S12 - housewives at Lydia's doug party

Despite being upset over missing Shannon’s supper, Lydia throws Doug a party and invites all the ladies. When David Beador asks Diko about her health, Peggy is enraged. As Easter approaches in the OC, Shannon asks her mother for marital advice regarding her union with David.

Vicki believes that if it weren’t for Shannon, her relationship with Tamra would already be over. Tamra and Vicki are working to reconcile their differences.

Episode 14 - Armenian Rhapsody

Finally, Vicki and Tamra meet face to face. Lydia learns about the benefits of wealth accumulation. When Kelly’s father visits, she notices similarities between her lousy relationship and her parent’s dysfunctional relationship.

It’s Peggy’s wedding anniversary. The Sulahians celebrate their 22 years of marriage by hosting a sizeable Armenian celebration after sharing an emotional private dinner together where they discuss Shannon’s husband’s questions about whether Peggy had cancer. They host a dinner party with belly dancers for all of their closest friends.

Episode 15 - Mystic Mistake

RHOC S12 - Shannon and Peggy argue

Vicki sees a cardiologist while Shanon and Peggy still argue over their husbands’ discussions about cancer. Doug pushes Lydia to invite her friends to Meghan’s dinner party as they prepare to travel to Iceland. When Peggy confronts Shannon about David, chaos ensues.

Shannon’s situation is not ideal. Tamra and Lydia ultimately follow her as she storms off to the restroom, telling Shannon to speak with Peggy privately. Uncertain of what triggers Peggy at that moment, she begins crying, understands that their conversation is futile, and leaves the party early.

Episode 16 - An Unexpected Thaw

RHOC S12 - housewives in Iceland

The women of Orange County are eager to experience all that Iceland has to offer, from hiking a glacier to trying the local cuisine. Lydia and Tamra encounter a snag in their friendship as Tamra and Vicki appear to be getting back together. A startling medical issue strikes the ladies after a full day of activities.

Episode 17 - A Case of the Vickis

RHOC S12 - Vicki got sick in Iceland

Vicki doesn’t feel well. After a challenging day of glacier hiking, Vicki, who has been sleep-deprived, begins to feel unwell. She eventually visits the hospital for what the other housewives fear is a heart attack.

Though it still causes the ladies quite a scare, she later confesses that she has increased blood pressure and believes that the elevation and her lack of sleep finally broke her. Fortunately, Vicki quickly returns to her former self: once she leaves the hospital, the housewives assemble in one of their rooms to sip champagne, order room service, and generally have a good time. Until the day comes when they all begin to have heartfelt, meaningful conversations.

Episode 18 - The Real Vikings of Orange County

RHOC S12 - Meghan feels uncomfortable being targeted

With good cause, Meghan is feeling targeted. Peggy pulls out her phone at the meal with the Viking reenactors and tells Meghan about how her baby cried for ten minutes. Tamra and Shannon attack Peggy for criticizing Meghan’s parenting.

Meghan responds by saying she is teaching her infant to cry it out and self-soothe. The rest of the ladies whoop it up at a Viking dinner, where Tamra and Vicki continue to get along, much to Shannon’s dismay. To clarify, Peggy claims she didn’t bring it up to criticize Meghan’s parenting.

Episode 19 - Candle Wicks and Lunatics

RHOC S12 - Kelly with her Mom Bobbi

Kelly tells her mother that her marriage has finally reached its breaking point. Vicki surprises her son Michael with a new position at Coto Financial. Tamra can realize her lifelong dream of seeing her estranged daughter graduate from high school.

Peggy finally meets the women following her abrupt departure in Iceland as they all celebrate the debut of Meghan’s new candle business. Peggy apologized for her inadequate explanation of the Iceland video incident and for giving the impression that she was critiquing Meghan’s parenting abilities. At the same time, Lydia, Peggy, and Meghan went out to lunch.

Meghan pardoned her. Kelly expresses regret for offending Peggy with a crude remark about her father while intoxicated, and Peggy accepts her apology. Peggy also explains Tamra for calling Diko “a little bitch” in front of her.

Episode 20 - Reunion Part 1

RHOC S12 - Reunion Part 1

The real housewives of Bravo are back again, and Lydia is put on the spot for her outspoken views and deeds. Kelly and Shannon discuss the state of their marriages while Vicki provides an update on her relationship with Steve.

Episode 21 - Reunion Part 2

RHOC S12 - Reunion Part 2

Kelly and Meghan resume their text-message argument during the reunion. Shannon listens to Peggy’s complaints, and then something really unexpected happens that completely shocks everyone.

The Real Housewives of Orange County Quick Facts

  • an American reality TV series
  • broadcast on Bravo TV
  • aired from July 10, 2017, until November 27, 2017
  • primarily filmed in Orange County, California
  • The show’s executive producers are Andy Cohen, Adam Karpel, Alex Baskin, Douglas Ross, Gregory Stewart, Scott Dunlop, and Stephanie Boyriven.
  •  Consists 21 episodes

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