Lisa Hochstein Wants Alimony From Lenny Hochstein, Claims Her RHOM Salary Is Not Enough

Lisa Hochstein Wants Alimony From Lenny Hochstein, Claims Her RHOM Salary Is Not Enough


When she admitted her spending problems, we all expected this.

Lisa Hochstein claims that her salary from “Real Housewives of Miami” is “woefully insufficient” to support her and her estranged spouse Lenny Hochstein’s two children, so she is now requesting alimony from the plastic surgeon. The reality star has filed new court documents claiming that her part-time employment on the Peacock series is insufficient to support her and her children.

“She has been primarily a homemaker and mother throughout the parties’ marriage,” according to a document obtained. “[Lenny] has significant and substantial assets and earns millions of dollars annually as a successful plastic surgeon,” the documents state, adding that “without [Lenny’s] contribution, [Lisa] cannot provide the needs and necessities of life as established during the marriage.

In court documents filed in October 2022, Lenny disclosed that Lisa earned $30,000 per episode of “RHOM.” Lisa requests that Lenny continue to pay for her medical and dental insurance, non-covered medical, dental, and eye care, and her need for temporary alimony.

The Bravolebrity also wants Lenny to pay for her children’s health insurance and grant her the temporary child support she has been pursuing. Lisa desires that the alimony and provisional child support be paid backdated to the filing date.

Although the prenuptial agreement between the separated couple required Lisa to vacate the marital property, she has remained there. She has again requested exclusive use and occupancy for herself, her son Logan and her daughter Elle.

The documents state, “[Lenny] has the means to and has already established an alternative, luxurious residence.” On April 19, a hearing is scheduled to decide the requests above.

“I pay for everything at the moment. I even paid for her and the children’s recent trip to Colorado. Instead of a ‘thank you,’ which I never expected, I am accused of not paying child support or health insurance. ‘False,'” Lenny said in response to Lisa’s claim.

Like her previous attorneys, her new attorneys believe disparaging is an effective strategy. Lisa disputes Lenny’s claims that he paid for her journey to Aspen, stating that her boyfriend, Jody Glidden, paid for the trip.

“My primary focus remains my daughters. Lenny did not pay for any of my travel, to be clear.” Lisa says, “My boyfriend took me on vacation and even paid for my children’s travel and expenses because Lenny resisted paying his share.”

In May 2022, it was reported that Lenny would petition for divorce from Lisa. A week later, he formally submitted his request to dissolve the marriage. Lisa has repeatedly asserted that her ex-husband cheated on her with his current companion, Katharina Mazepa, but Lenny has vehemently denied the allegation.

A commenter stated, “Now that’s greedy, Lisa; if you want to make money, do it yourself! If women have their source of income, they shouldn’t have to rely so heavily on men, particularly if they don’t want anything to do with them or their children.”

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