Top 10 Most Iconic Moments In RHOBH History


There are several factors that might lead to conflict among the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” cast members. It’s not difficult to comprehend why there are so many various problems at hand, from the division between older and younger women that seems to come naturally to the cat fights among the cast members themselves.

Because of this, we’ve attempted to compile a list of the “Top 10 Most Iconic Moments in RHOBH History.” Check it out to see whether your favorite episode made the cut.

1. Taylor VS. Camille

Taylor VS. Camille

We’ll start this list off with a famous altercation between Taylor Armstrong and Camille Meyer, which led to the creation of a meme that was widely shared online. Even yet, some people are still unaware of the context behind it.

During Brandi’s attempt to give the ladies a beautiful party at a beach property in Malibu in season 2 of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” a full-fledged argument and subsequent breakdown started when Taylor approached Camille and her friends at a party.

The overall ruckus began when Taylor told Camille about her unhappy marriage and allegations of abuse by her husband Russell, and Camille attacked Taylor verbally for doing so.

Taylor later expressed regret for her actions and informed Kyle Richards, another housewife, that she shouldn’t have revealed such sensitive information to Camille and her other co-stars. She also stated that Camille’s actions had put her and her daughter Kennedy in danger.

She choked up as she said, “In my life, there are people I trust, and there are people I don’t trust,” adding, “That puts my daughter in danger; I can’t get past that.”

“She is the catalyst to a lot things that haunt me. That could have hurt me, that still could hurt me very badly.” After that, she then approached Camille, and things began to escalate.

She commanded, “You, outside,” which caused Camille’s friend Dee Dee to interject and criticize her impoliteness. Furthermore, it appeared like she snapped as her other housewives surrounded her and tried to calm her down.

Taylor became enraged as a result, yelling, sobbing, and shoving the ladies who were attempting to comfort her and trying to get them away from each other. Pointing to Camille, she yelled at Dee Dee, “I have been her friend; I have never hurt her. She has hurt me so much. You have no idea what she has done to me.”

As the argument grew increasingly heated, Brandi, the host, came up with a plan to end it by asking Taylor to leave the gathering, saying, “Taylor, I am going to have to ask you to leave.”

Naturally, Taylor’s response to Brandi’s remark, in which she pointed her finger in Brandi’s face and cursed, didn’t go well either. In order to prevent them from fighting further and causing a new feud, their fellow housewives intervened between the two of them. At that moment, Brandi retaliated, “Don’t ever touch me again, or you will be sorry.”

2. Amsterdam Fight

Amsterdam Fight
The following iconic scene depicts a fierce argument that includes risky wine smashing that might result in an accident. Fortunately, no one was severely harmed at that moment.

Before the fierce debate, the housewives all had a rest and prepared for dinner after checking into the hotel where they were staying. Yolanda Hadid feels that most people in Beverly Hills just know the surface of one another; therefore, she wants them to share their innermost selves with one another over dinner.

Yolanda spoke out about the DUI of her model and well-known daughter Bella, while Lisa spoke out about the death of her elder sister from a drug overdose. She then uses the opportunity to apologize to Kim, at which point Kim snaps.
Things become ugly when Eileen attempts to protect Lisa after Kim starts verbally abusing her. Additionally, she attacked Kyle and made derogatory remarks toward her. After Yolanda tried to calm the situation down, Lisa lost her cool and lunged at Kim when Kim threatened to reveal a scandal about her husband, Harry.
Kim persisted in pressing the issue, which caused a considerably worse outcome. Kim receives a glass of wine from Lisa, which she then smashes.
Immediately after, Yolanda takes Lisa outside and makes an effort to calm her down. The group subsequently returns to the hotel. Fans may undoubtedly agree that this was the most intense fight ever out of the historic moments highlighted here.

3. Coke in the Bathroom

Coke in the Bathroom

When the “RHOBH” stars were on a group vacation to Hong Kong in 2017, Lisa Rinna accused Dorit Kemsley of using cocaine in the bathroom during a dinner party at her home by asking, “What I want to know is when I was at your dinner, you all got up and left. Were people doing coke in your bathroom?”

Of course, Lisa’s question didn’t sit well with Dorit, who said, “Are you suggesting that I got up from the dinner table and went to do drugs?” with little attempt to conceal her rage.

“My house is a coke den? I’ve got two little babies, but they live in a coke den? Are you f—ing kidding me, girl? Really?” Dorit added.

Lisa then justified herself by claiming that she merely posed the question without ever intending to make any sort of accusation. “I was left at that table by myself when everybody got up,” she answered. “Why are we all worked up about it? All you have to say is no.”

But she didn’t stop there; she also harbored resentment toward Dorit, who had previously accused her of drug usage. “You’re talking about me being a Xanax addict somehow,” Lisa recalled. “If [you’re] questioning me, I have to be open about what I saw.”

“I haven’t said anything about it, and I probably wouldn’t have said anything about it until you questioned whether I had a problem with Xanax.”

“What’s so wrong with that? You intimated that I’m a drug addict. You did. So I can ask the same f—ing question,” she went on to argue her point. “Just say, ‘I don’t know, Lisa, and I’ll be done with it.’ You deal with your s— and I’ll deal with mine. Period.”

Before their argument deteriorated further, their co-star Lisa Vanderpump intervened and remarked, “If someone said that to me, I would be jumping across the table.”

“It’s just getting too mean. It’s getting too mean and too personal. It’s not now about the issue and who said what and who regrets what. I know what you’re doing. Low blow, Rinna.”

Even so, Lisa remained as solid as a rock and replied, “I don’t care — you know low blow better than anybody, hunny.” When the two of them walked away, the argument was over.

4. Game Night

During the second season of the show, Taylor Armstrong’s friend, Dana Wilkey, who is not part of the cast, hosted a Game Night at her own home, inviting housewives to join. The first person to come was Kyle Richards, then Brandi came next, and Kim Richards as well.

The three housewives who have been named were at the core of this conflict. For once, Kim and Kyle are on the same side, leaving Brandi alone and without any support.

As an already tense counterargument, Kyle informed Brandi that it was terrible for her child to jump out of the pool and urinate on Adrienne’s lawn, but Brandi countered that he was only a child. Though children don’t know any better, Kyle didn’t entirely place the responsibility on the little child and instead held Brandi, the boy’s mother, responsible.

Brandi, of course, wasn’t about to give down without a fight, so she chose to attack her sister, Kim, instead, calling her “f–king cracked out of her mind.”

She must have pressed the right button because Kyle jumped up straight away and began pointing the finger at Brandi, with Kim also copying her.  As a consequence, Brandi shoved Kim, nearly starting a nasty catfight. Thank goodness Taylor stepped in to prevent the potential uproar.

Taylor’s intervention was enough since it successfully prevented them from fighting, but instead, the ladies continued to call each other names, with Kim calling Brandi a “slut pig.” After that, Brandi made the decision to go.

5. Limo Fight

Sisters Kim and Kyle Richards got into a heated argument in the final episode of “RHOBH” season 2, with Kyle being the one who started it by yelling at Kim and calling her an alcoholic.
Along with threatening to stop helping Kim in any way that she and her husband, Mauricio, might be able to, Kyle also stated that they would quit protecting Kim from claims of alcohol addiction, leaving her sister crying.

Later, Kim yelled at Kyle, “You stole my [expletive] house! as they fought. Before this iconic feud, the sisters had just left a lavish birthday celebration for Taylor, ending with Kim getting wasted.

Kyle was informed by the producers about what had occurred to her sister since it is her responsibility to keep Kim somewhat sober. However, when Kim rushed off the production intoxicated and walked outside to the limo to drink, Kyle chased after her, and the notorious limo scene erupted.

6. Dinner Party from Hell

Dinner Party from Hell

The Dinner Party from Hell, which Kathy Hilton throws on season 11 of RHOBH, didn’t come to a happy conclusion because another fight has broken out as the guests finish their lavish feast.

Starting the conversation and deciding to have everyone around the table ring the bell and say whatever came to mind, Lisa Rinna is credited with creating this whole thing.

Erika Jayne, however, was subjected to Sutton Stracke‘s typical harsh interrogation, but Erika didn’t want to hear what she had to say. As soon as Dorit saw this, she came to Sutton’s defense and remarked, “Any time an article is written about you, our names are dragged into it.”

Dorit was referring to multiple articles that headlined Erika and her estranged husband, Tom Girardi, legal problems. This caused Erika to bawl and say, “There’s going to be a day when all of this is behind me, and it’s going to be a very sweet day, and I’m going to remember those who were with me, and I’m going to remember those who were against me. Trust me.”

Sutton and Dorit both made it clear that they weren’t actually against her, while Erika had the opposite opinion. She cried out, “Why are you all doing this to me?”

“Every time I come to one of these events, I get the s*** kicked out of me… for something I didn’t even do.”

If Sutton had Dorit to support her, Kyle also did the same to Erika, forcing Sutton to acknowledge that she is the one who has been doubting Erika’s honesty.

Kyle shouted across the table, “You’re not being honest, [Sutton], and you’re putting us in a bad position,” and later told her that she was “looking two-faced.”

Following Kyle’s advice, Sutton told Erika how she truly felt and that she believes Erika lied about Tom’s “car accident” to escape the lawsuits he is facing.

Erika reacted angrily after hearing what Sutton said, “You’re trying to accuse me of lying, and I’m not a liar… Look at me, I’ll go head-on with you all f***ing day. I’m telling the truth. I am not a liar. You have a lot of f***ing nerve.”

She was then forcibly told by Sutton not to address her that way, but Erika didn’t appear to be able to control her temper as she blatantly replied, “Or what? Or what?” Sutton nervously laughed and stated, “Or nothing,” to which Erika added, “Exactly. So shut the f*** up. You have no idea what you’re talking about.”

It wasn’t just during the dinner that they had argued. Before that, Erika refused to participate in the conversation Sutton started with her, saying, “I don’t [want to talk to you]. I have enough problems. I only have enough capacity for what really matters. And your opinion of me does not matter.”

7. Brandi and Kyle Fight

Brandi and Kyle Fight
Brandi Glanville and Kyle Richards becoming violent at Eileen Davidson’s party marked the conclusion of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ fifth season.

Everything started when Kim made an early escape from the party after Kyle expressed worry about her actions by remarking, “It looks like you’re drinking,” and Brandi tried to step in.

And since Brandi was allegedly getting in the way of Kyle and her sister, they shoved and scratched one another. Kyle started crying, and Brandi shouted, “Don’t f—ing touch me.”

“I’d like to talk to my sister without you. Get away from me,” Kyle responded back to Brandi, who kept trying to block her from Kim. “Don’t grab me,” Brandi replied.

Still continuing, Kyle spoke the following phrase that caused Brandi also to say something: “You’re not my family. Get out of my face.”

Brandi reacted strongly with the plainly harsh statement, “For the past six months, I’ve been there for Kim. I know how much you’ve been there for her zero.” Even Kim thought it was brutal, so she went looking for her sister rather than staying at the party with Brandi.

8. The Reunion Bunny

The Reunion Bunny

One episode of the popular reality show’s seventh season demonstrated how Kim Richards returned the blue rabbit Lisa Rinna gave her as a present for her grandchild.

The present, still wrapped in plastic, didn’t even make it to Kim’s grandson as she handed it to her back while stating, “Right now, I don’t feel it was given to me with the right energy.”

“It’s just been sitting there. I couldn’t give it to my grandson because I am all about energy and positive things. I could have re-gifted it, but I felt like it was better to give it back to you.”

Lisa sobbed bitterly as she said, “I don’t need to explain myself… I don’t need to say a word. I get it loud and clear.” Without any regret for what she had done, Kim yelled to Lisa, “It’s good that you feel bad for a minute because you hurt me!”

After that, Eileen Davidson consoled Lisa in the dressing room, telling her that Kim was only trying to hurt her; Lisa nodded in agreement while wiping away her tears and stating, “That is her stuff, right there.” Lisa was visibly distraught, and Eileen accompanied her off the set.

9. Camille Storms Out

What actually happened when Camille Grammer stormed off from the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” season 9 reunion in 2019? This incident made it onto the top 10 list of most iconic moments in the series’ history.

Camille became enraged as it became clear that the reunion was solely about her, beginning with her claim that she felt compelled to invite her co-stars to her wedding because she didn’t want to invite any of the ladies to her special day.

Following that, Andy Cohen brought up the allegations of bankruptcy Camille leveled against Dorit Kemsley at one of their farewell dinners. However, Camille then brought up how she felt “trashed” by the women during the van trip following her wedding.

“That’s nasty! You don’t come to my wedding and then treat me so disrespectful afterwards!” she yelled at that moment. “That was nasty! Why can’t I say a nice thing about Lisa Vanderpump without you, The Witches of Eastwick, coming after me?!”

You’d be foolish to assume that this is the point at which she snaps. Denise Richards chose to interject by saying, “Why are you so angry? Honest to God, like, take it down a notch,” just as Camille was about to lose it.

“Oh my God, Denise. Denise! Shut up!” Camille shouted at her, prompting Lisa Rinna to chime in and tell her not to speak to her friend that way. However, Camille responds with yet another outburst, repeatedly stating how much she dislikes Denise.

“I know she’s your friend, but I don’t like her! She told me to tell my daughter she was a f–king liar! Yes, you did. In the finale. Yes.” Camille is referring to a moment where Denise advised her to simply tried to make her daughter feel good about the situation, whether Teddi Mellencamp snubbed her daughter at that time or not.

“Do you know what I would say to my daughter? I would defend them, and I would make my daughter feel like they were…” Denise responded as Camille continued her argument.

Camille retorted, “Yeah, well, maybe you make your daughters feel like shit, but I don’t make my daughter feel like shit!” to which Denise responded, “I don’t make them feel like shit! I make them feel okay! Like, ‘Don’t worry, honey, they didn’t f–king snub you.'”

“Camille, what is wrong with you? Honest to God, you need to go take a second because this is not good,” Denise added with a hint of concern.

After the argument, Andy decided to ask Denise what she was thinking about during the lunch she had with Camille, wherein her co-star spent almost the entire time criticizing the other women behind their backs.

Camille immediately expressed her disapproval by asking her co-stars, “So this is truly a setup? This is truly a setup!” as she is still the subject of the conversation.

She then stood up, repeatedly said, “I’m done,” tried to take her microphone away, and stormed off to her dressing room. Cameras then followed Camille from the set to her dressing room as Andy questioned, “What are you talking about?”

However, as she pulled her microphone from the back of her dress, causing the entire garment to unzip, she continued muttering, “I’m done. I’m done!” to herself.

She may not have only left due to the general chat; she may also have left because she was offended to learn that the women had said that the departure from her wedding was their favorite part.

10. Tabloid Drama in Puerto Rico

Tabloid Drama in Puerto Rico

The tabloid drama in the Puerto Rico episode with Brandi still there is the final iconic moment mentioned by RHOBH fans. Brandi informed Kyle Richards at the time that Lisa Vanderpump had once attempted to smuggle some tabloids with information about Kyle’s “broken” marriage into their Palm Springs vacation.

After hearing about the crazy tabloid frenzy, Yolanda made the choice to reconcile with Kyle, and the time worked out perfectly. However, when Yolanda attempted to speak to Lisa, Lisa’s husband, Ken became confrontational. Yolanda then objected to his attempt to correct her, so she and Brandi left the room.

The tabloid’s problem progressively grows in importance as it irritated Mauricio and made Kyle cry. When Lisa was asked about it, she initially denied it, claiming she had never read the tabloids before admitting she had after returning from vacation.
Kyle requested Lisa to give her version of the story while Brandi and Yolanda were present at the table during dinner. On the other hand, her husband Ken continued to interject as she began to explain her side, and at that point, Kim lost her cool and commanded him to stop talking.

The pair then storms off in a foul mood, accusing Kyle and Mauricio of believing the accusation and the other ladies of attacking Lisa.

Since people like seeing these housewives fight and really are invested in their drama, this list could be subject to revisions once a particularly vicious dispute and intense physical altercation arise. For now, what do you think is the iconic moment that should be counted here on the list?

What do you think?